Facebook Ads Manager is constantly changing and evolving, although with some updates it can feel like it is growing into a more complicated, complex, intimidating beast of a platform to learn.

I hear you. I feel your pain. I get you! And So does Facebook, finally!

Changes are coming that will make our lives as advertisers a little bit easier.

A Simpler Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook is simplifying some of the features in Ads Manager that have been, well, we’ll say … a bit clunky.

  1. New Search bar
  2. Streamlined Navigation
  3. New Nested Campaign View

It will be easier to navigate through your Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads with a new streamlined navigation.

Copy And Paste Is Coming To Ads Manager, Finally!

Until now, advertisers like you and I have been using Facebook’s duplicate function to make copies of our campaigns. I work with a lot of people who are very new to Facebook Ads and the duplication feature is by far one of the largest stumbling blocks for people just trying to get a handle on how Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads connect together. Not to mention how cumbersome it can be for those of us trying to quickly duplicate campaigns for clients. Well, it’s time to get excited! The new ability to copy and paste will give all of us, newbies and seasoned ad pro’s, more flexibility in creating ads.

New Campaign Name, Who Dis?

You’ve created your ads. Check! The ads are running. Check! But now it’s time to go back and look at the results. If you have bad housekeeping habits and have been relying on Facebook’s naming features, it can turn your reporting into a mess of useless information. Having a good naming structure on your Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads is ULTRA important for keeping your reports tidy and relevant so you can easily make sense of what is going on and how you can make changes to improve it.

Well guess what … Facebook is making our lives easier by implementing an auto naming feature that should help us avoid the dreaded generic names that lacked context.

Future Updates Are Coming

“We also plan to roll out more intuitive ad-level creative and placement editing tools. These updates to Ads Manager are expected to be available to all advertisers by next year.”

See all of this in Facebook’s official release: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/improving-ads-manager-and-business-manager

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