Is your relationship status with Facebook’s Ads Manager “complicated?” Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a “5 Love Languages” course you could take or book you could ready to simplify things and make Ads Manager easier to use and understand?

First, there’s the incredible tonnage of jargon that Facebook incorporated into the should-be-straightforward tool. From Standard Events to Custom Conversions to ROAS, there are a lot of terms and labels that aren’t automatically obvious what they mean or how they apply.

All you want to do is pay to get your posts in front of more people, right?

But even once you understand what these terms mean, there’s more to it. How do you create ads, how do you figure out who should see those ads, and what’s the difference between an Ad Set and a Campaign anyways?

Sure, you can take the time to figure it all out yourself. You can spend the next few weeks poring over blog posts and digging through Facebook Ads Manager’s help and articles to sort out for yourself how to proceed.

But how much will that cost you? How much time?

What if you took a shortcut?

That’s what the Facebook Ads Glossary is for, and it’s completely free.

*Opens in Facebook Messenger

This is something I’ve labelled, “an informal guide to understanding Facebook ads jargon.” It includes all of the terms and columns and data points you’ll see within your Ads Manager, and I give you my jargon-less, Canadianized definition of each important bit of vocabulary.

I also detail exactly how ad campaigns are structured so that you’ll understand the critical relationship between Ad Sets and Campaigns and can easily construct your ads accordingly.

Hoping to better understand audience targeting? I cover that too. From custom audiences to lookalike audiences and more, I define each and every option and help you to understand exactly how Facebook can help you reach the perfect prospect for your products.

There’s also an entire page just on Strategy, including the use of A/B Testing and Facebook Events! Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better positioned to use Facebook ads to learn about your audience and your ad creative and come up with campaigns that are far more effective in the future.

Finally, you’re treated to an overview of all your reporting options and terms. Let’s make sure that the next time you open Facebook Ads Manager and start looking at how your campaigns are performing, it all makes sense!

*Opens in Facebook Messenger

Oh, and ROAS? That’s short for Return on Ad Spend, which will be tremendously higher now that you’re better informed on all your advertising options and variables!

Grab your free copy of the Facebook Ads Glossary today.

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