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Facebook Ads

Amanda Robinson, The Digital Gal, specializes in teaching entrepreneurs and small businesses how to manage their own Facebook Ads with confidence.

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Swift Kick In The Ads

Get a Swift Kick In The Ads and give your Facebook Advertising strategy the fuel it needs to make the most of your advertising budget. Stop wasting marketing dollars and start optimizing the opportunities in front of you.

4 Weeks of LIVE Training

Get the confidence to create better Facebook ads, improve your audience targeting, and understand the results so you can get the most out of your ad budget.

FREE Facebook Ads Glossary Download*

What’s the difference between reach vs impressions? What is a standard event vs a custom conversion? Download this handy Glossary of Facebook Ad Terms (PDF) and get some clarity on the confusing marketing jargon. 

*Opens in Facebook Messenger 

360 Marketing Squad

Get Support From 4 Industry Leaders

With 360 Marketing Squad, you don’t have to hire a team or even a new Social Media Manager. Instead, you can improve and leverage the staff and resources that you have today.

360 Marketing Squad enhances your existing business, without breaking your budget.


Facebook Advertising

Stay ahead of your competition by advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook Chatbots

Using Facebook Chatbots in your business will help you build an engaged audience.

Audience Analytics

Once we have built your audience, I will analyze and refine our strategy.


Search Engine Optimization is a long-game strategy that will build your brand.

Email Marketing

Get in your audience’s inbox with relevant, engaging messages week after week.

Content Support

Stop wondering what to write. I will create content that engages and converts.

Marketing Strategy

It’s not enough to want to market your business, you need a strategy to succeed.

Community Management

Let us focus on managing your community while you focus on serving your community.

Google Adwords

We will create and manage high converting ads for Google and YouTube.

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