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Ready to ignite your Facebook Ads strategy, no matter your experience level?

The Swift Kick in the Ads Membership is designed to help you learn how to use Facebook Ads to achieve your business goals, without confusion, without overwhelm, and without blowing your budget.

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Let me expertly craft, execute, and continuously optimize your campaigns and maximize your ROI.

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Do you need a second opinion, some expert advice, guidance troubleshooting a tricky issue, or just some knowledgeable help to overcome a roadblock with your Facebook Ads?

meet amanda

Amanda Robinson, Founder & CEO of The Digital Gal Inc., is a Certified Meta Lead Trainer and regularly presents on behalf of Meta at in-person and virtual events.

She is widely recognized in the digital marketing industry for her knowledge, training, skills, and coaching as a Facebook Ads expert with her Swift Kick In the Ads Membership, her Facebook Ads Training Bootcamp, and for her creative chatbot skills.

She is an author, international speaker, consultant, and educator who has taught thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs the foundational skills of Facebook Ads.

 Amanda brings personality and passion to teaching others how to make Facebook ads work for them.

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Facebook Ads Glossary

What’s the difference between reach vs impressions? What is a standard event vs a custom conversion?

Download this handy Glossary of Facebook Ad Terms (PDF) and get some clarity on the confusing marketing jargon.

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It’s hard to put into a paragraph everything Amanda has done for our business - of course she’s taken our social media strategy and advertising from nothing to mind blowing, but beyond that her digital/tech suggestions along the way that were just no-brainers for her (but things we would never know about on our own) have transformed how we conduct our daily business and provided a freedom we never knew was possible. We spend our time knowing our own industry inside and out and having Amanda along side us as the digital expert keeps us competitive without us needing to learn a whole different world we couldn’t possibly have the time to understand the way she does. If you are starting a business, start it with her guidance and you will be amazed.


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