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All in one social media management. Social publishing, scheduling, monitoring, listening, & reporting.


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Ecamm Live

Turn your Mac into a live production studio for broadcasting to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twich and Periscope.

How I’m Usinig Ecamm Live

I get asked all the time what I’m using for livestreaming and it’s Ecamm Live. This is what I’m using to create my own branded overlays, use my green screen for my virtual background (no, that’s not my actual house, I wish!!), bring comments up on screen, screen share my desktop or cell phone, and recording an HD copy locally on my computer at the same time so I can repurpose the vid later.

What works extremely well for me is that I have created scenes to move my video frame to different parts of the screen when I’m screen sharing. This is especially helpful when I’m teaching Facebook ads and my video thumbnail is covering an important part of the screen. I’ve set up 4 presets for my video so I can choose which one I want depending on what part of my screen I’m sharing.

It is currently a Mac only product and I do have an affiliate link if you want to try it out for yourself. 🙂


They also have a fantastic Facebook Group community for support and inspiration.

There is a reason I have an Ecamm hoodie in my prized collection of branded hoodies. 💙

Glen, Ken, & Katie have produced an incredible product and community and I love being part of their beta group to test new features as they roll out! And let me tell you, I’ve NEVER seen another team who can innovate as fast as they can and pump out new feature upon new feature as much as they do!!

There are lots of great livestreaming solutions out there and this one is at the very top of my list!


Explore thousands of targetable but hidden Facebook interests, perfect for speeding up the process of researching your target audiences for Facebook Ads.

InterestExplorer uses Facebook’s API to reveal interests that are hidden from most advertisers, so you can save hours on interest research and find the perfect low-competition keywords.

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Text Expander

With TextExpander you can: 

  • Keep your team consistent, accurate, and current
  • Share your text and images with the entire staff to keep them on track. Everyone will share the same message and give the same answers to all customer questions.
  • Work faster and smarter
  • Use TextExpander’s powerful shortcuts and abbreviations to streamline and speed up everything you type.
  • Create powerful snippets to save you time so that all you type is a short abbreviation, and TextExpander does the rest of the typing for you.
  • Keep your entire team communicating efficiently and with consistent language.
  • Share your snippets of messaging, signatures, and descriptions with everyone who works on projects with you.

TextExpander is available on Mac, Windows, Chrome, iPhone, iPad.


Easil is the drag-and-drop design tool that
empowers your whole team to create visual
content so good, it looks like a pro designed it.


Create social media videos in minutes.

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Fast, quality, on-demand services for video transcription, subtitles and closed captions.

Pricing: $1.25 per minute
Turnaround: 24 hours
Accuracy: 99%
Customers: 170,000+
Transcriptionists: 50,000+

Better than Facebook’s built-in auto-caption tool.

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