How to set up access to a client’s Business Manager:

Before the client begins, they should have their very own account set up via business.facebook.com, created while they are logged into Facebook as themselves. They will need a website url and they need to know their own Facebook and Instagram Passwords before they start.

Next, the client needs to do the following Via Business Settings…

👉 PAGE: add their Facebook Page to the Business Manager Account. If their Page is tied to an Instagram account this is where they’ll need their password to confirm.
👉 INSTAGRAM: If it didn’t carry over when adding the Page, make sure they are logged in to IG on their browser, then add Instagram to Business Manager.
👉 AD ACCOUNT: Then either add their existing ads account to Business Manager or create a new one.
👉 PIXEL: If they just created the ad account, they also need to set up a pixel.

The best way to have your business added to the account is as a  Partner , giving your Business Manager access to their Business Manager.

In YOUR Business Manager:

 Give them your Business Manager ID (found under Business Settings > Business Info)

In THEIR Business Manager:

 Have them use your ID to add you as a  Partner . (Business Settings > Users > Partners)

Once they’ve added you as a Partner, they will need to assign you access to

1) The Page
2) The Ad Account
3) The Instagram Account
4) The Pixel (found under Data Sources > Pixel)


Check your email for the invite to their Business Manager. Confirm access.

Then lastly via your own Business Manager you’ll be able to see all of their assets they assigned to. your biz inside your Business Manager, but you still need to go add yourself to those assets.

LAST STEPS: In YOUR Business Manager:

👉 Go to the Page, use the “Add People” button and add yourself.
👉 Go to the Ad Account, add yourself
 Go to the Pixel, add yourself

Voila! You are now Partners on Business Manager. With great power comes great responsibility. You can now add  Employees  inside your own Business Manager and assign them to work on any client assets that you have BM has access to.

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