Facebook & Instagram Ads

For more immediate or personal attention when you need me. The ongoing support offered by my “Swift Kick in the Ads” program or the intensive training delivered in my “4 Week Facebook Ads BOOTCAMP” might be the right answer too.

Messenger Marketing Chatbots

It’s more than just an automated response. Let me help you create high engagement interactions and harness the value of your leads.

Google Analytics

I can show you how to prove what works best on your site and offer both streamlining and expansion strategies for continued improvement.


When Bunny slippers and bedhead won’t work, I can help you deliver your image, the right way.

Virtual Office

You need your spare bedroom or living room to feel like the boardroom, I can guide you through all the steps in between.

Need Answers?

If you have more questions, take a look at my most common responses.

Digital Gal – Consultation Services

Hi, I am Amanda Robinson. As The Digital Gal, I’ve made a business of building an expert level understanding of Facebook Ads and digital marketing. The most satisfying part of my job is sharing what I know, helping you develop those skills too.

The Media Room can show you more about the organizations that have relied on my expertise. Both my intensive Facebook Ads 4 Week Bootcamp and Swift Kick In The Ads ongoing training supports have been endorsed by industry experts and, my clients too. Learn more about my direct consultation services below.

Book a 1-on-1 Zoom Video Call With The Digital Gal

When you need a second opinion, expert answers, or just some knowledgeable help to overcome a roadblock, a video consultation is the best solution. 

Schedule a call for up to 1 hour, for expert advice on any of the topics below:

Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • 1-on-1 Coaching & Training for creating your own adsFacebook Page & Instagram Profile Organic Strategy
  • Ad Account Help
  • Business Manager set up
  • Ads Strategy

Messenger Marketing Chatbots

  • ManyChat training
  • Messenger Chatbot set-up
  • Facebook Messenger Ads
  • Connecting ManyChat to Zapier
  • Chatbot Business Cards

Google Analytics

  • Learn the basics of Google Analytics
  • Google UTM Tracking
  • Google Analytics & Facebook Ads
  • Google Data Studio Reports
  • Google Tag Manager Basics


  • Essentials of going LIVE on Facebook
  • Livestreaming to a Facebook Group
  • Setting up remote interviews
  • How to use Ecamm Live for broadcasting
  • Livestreaming basic equipment & internet requirements

Virtual Office

  • Tools & resources to set up your virtual office
  • Planning for remote team creation
  • Assisting teams with working remotely

If you do not see an available time on the booking calendar that works with your timezone, reach out to me on Messenger at m.me/thedigitalgal and I can coordinate directly with you.

Fequently Asked Questions

How do I reschedule?

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking via Calendly. Use the reschedule link provided in that email to choose a different time.

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What if I need to cancel?

Calls are non-refundable and eligible for rescheduling up to 24hrs before the call. You can rebook up to 90 days from the original date of booking.

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Do you need access to my Facebook Page or Ad Account?

Thanks to the power of screen sharing, I do not need access to your accounts. You will be able to share your screen and we can walk through your account or Page together.

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Can I pay using a credit card instead of PayPal?

Calls are pre-paid $150 USD via PayPal for 1 hour on Zoom. If you need an alternate method of payment, please contact me on Messenger to make arrangements: m.me/thedigitalgal

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I paid but missed our call. Can I reschedule?

Unfortunately due to the limited number of consultation hours available, missed calls will not be refunded. You can contact Amanda on Messenger at m.me/thedigitalgal to work out a time to reschedule at a reduced rate.

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Zoom: Do I have to be on video?

If you prefer, you can leave your camera off. You will still be able to see me and we can still screen share.

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Zoom: Will you take control of my screen?

I don’t access your computer and you are in full control. I help you quickly and easily navigate to where we need to go.

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